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Climate changes within my lifetime

Photos courtesy of NASA.gov

Side by side comparisons of sea ice from 1979 and 2003.

What major climate change shifts can I expect to see within my lifetime?

  • “Melting of Arctic sea-ice (about 10 years)
  • Collapse of the Indian summer monsoon (about 1 year)
  • Greening of the Sahara/Sahel and disruption of the West African monsoon (about 10 years)”

What if I live to the age of 90?

  • “Dieback of the Amazon rainforest (about 50 years)
  • Dieback of the Boreal Forest (about 50 years)”

These predicted climate change shifts and more were reported in the BBC news article Climate set for sudden shifts.  The article reports:

“Many of Earth’s climate systems will undergo a series of sudden shifts this century as a result of human-induced climate change, a study suggests… The work by an international team appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. “

Photo courtesy of the BBC News.

Photo courtesy of the BBC News.

I wonder what changes our future children will see.

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