RC Brillantes is an Earthling filmmaker and novice trail runner living in the San Francisco East Bay area, California, USA, Earth.

Brillantes created the Green cloud as a place to inspire, share thoughts and exchange tips with friends, neighbors, and family. The site’s focus is on stepping lightly on the earth and Green and healthy living and travel.

The time for small changes is over

Small and big changes are necessary to meet today’s challenges (e.g., climate change, resource depletion, pollution, and using renewable energy) facing our earth. Brillantes is inspired by people from all walks of life making these changes, and writing such as Too Many People, Too Much Consumption. The authors Paul and Anne Ehrlich write:

“We’ll continue to hope and work for a cultural transformation in how we treat each other and the natural systems we depend upon. We can create a peaceful and sustainable global civilization, but it will require realistic thinking about the problems we face and a new mobilization of political will.”

Let’s live the solution!

Why the name Green cloud?
The green cloud refers to a type of kung fu, and also the reflection of large areas of green plant life, which may give a cloud floating overhead a green appearance.

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