Sustainable, affordable shared cowork space

* Various locations in San Francisco and New York City areas. This review is for the NY flagship, midtown on 30 W. 53rd St.

Decor, Vibe
*  Tasteful, comfy design. Seating with pleasant bright lighting and some natural light in rear and front.
*  Airy, neutral and clean decor. Thoughtfully-designed.
*  Safer and more convenient than working in an open cafe.
*  Conveniently located near public transportation and major landmarks. Plenty of good, reasonable lunch options on nearby 56th St.
* Low key music conducive to work and some talking privacy.
* Coworkers generally keep voices low. Small meetings allowed at this location.

My favorite of all the major cowork spaces I’ve tried (Hub, Wework, etc) for my purposes — and one of my favorites, design and comfort-wise (along with Sirena, Aldea) of all the Spacious locations.

Service: Space is generally kept clean and uncluttered (just avoid very rear of room).

Amenities: Organic coffee, tea offered (included in membership). Restrooms.

Cost:  Base membership cost is monthly and can be canceled at anytime. Very reasonable compared to other major coworking spaces in the city. Great option for people who work and travel to New York city and/or San Francisco. It’s a happy medium between working at a cafe/hotel and established higher-priced cowork spaces. Membership includes access to all Spacious venues in all cities. See website for various flexible plans. Prices increase this month! (However, it’s still reasonable compared to other cowork space prices.)

I like that Spacious locations (aside from the flagship location) are shared with local restaurants, which helps to support local business.

Tips:  Bring headphones or visit Aldea location if office bothers you. Free trial week. PM me if interested in a discount code for membership after trial.

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