Eat and run report, NYC: “World’s” hottest pepper, hot sauce

Read on if you are a fan of hot sauce!



I stumbled upon this new store at Lower level, Chelsea Market (underground). Since it was after my 7 AM run, I had a chance to chill with the nice rep for a bit and talk scovilles during the rare quiet hours. She said the store is affiliated with the Hot Ones show.

I thought I knew my hot peppers from living and eating in Austin, TX and growing organic mini pequin peppers, but I was really schooled at the store. I learned from the rep that the hottest pepper is not Habanero, and no longer the Carolina Reaper, it’s reportedly this one. She also told me about the many varieties of hot sauces, and not to judge heat on Scoville alone, but also by the combo of ingredients (like vinegar or sweet elements). The store sells some lovely Queen Majesty gift boxes, with sauces handmade “using carefully selected ingredients that are organic and local as much as possible,” by a local chef with artful packaging that looks nice for the holidays.

Photo: via Queen Majesty Hot Sauce. The rep. recommended I try the Scotch Bonnet and Ginger.

El Donkey

Breakfast burrito fans, my Texan and Californian friends:  There’s a guy with a little, cutely painted burrito cart next to the “Ninth St. Espresso” counter, Chelsea Market. Ninth St. is one of our regular early morning Chelsea market post-run stops. Our nice barista highly recommended the “California” breakfast burrito.

I recommend going for a run and visiting Chelsea Market only at opening at 8AM when it’s a ghost town and the food and reps are fresh!

Photo: via


Is spicy food healthy?  —

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